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Most of Ralls Jennings' paintings are about everyday subjects. Occasionally there is more of a story behind them. Two such subjects are shown here.

The first is a new painting with an old ballad

In 1903 a mail train ran off the tracks over a trestle outside of Danville, Virginia. After the wreck the ballad of

"The Wreck of Old 97"

was written and sung around Virginia and North Carolina until it was recorded twenty years later by Vernon Dalhart. It became the first record to sell over a million copies.

The second is a painting with a new ballad.

In 2008 two inmates escaped from Hayes Prison in Chattooga County, near Trion, Georgia.. The oil painting

"Run Tweedle Run"

was painted while one of the inmates was roaming around loose. The Ballad,"Run Tweedle"was written shortly after the last convict was captured.