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Above is the photograph that the Riegel 1933 paintings was based on. It has the inscription, "Riegel Cotton Mill and Glove Factory, September 1933"

This photograph was provided by Russ Jennings who had received it several years earlier from Wayne Robertson. Wayne lived in Atlanta and found and bought the picture at a trade day because he knew Russ and knew that he was from Trion.

Riegel 1933 is a re-creation of what I believed that Riegel Textile looked like in 1933. It is based largely on a photograph dated September 1933 and what I remember about the plant starting in 1959.

There are three main differences in this painting and in what I remember from my first visit to Trion in 1959.

1) The dough boy had been added to the plaza by 1959. That probably happpened about 1935 as part of the national recontruction expenditures.

2) The 1933 smoke stack had been taken down and a new steam plant had been built to the north of the glove mill along with the construction of the finishing plant. I don't know when this happened but the finishing plant was well worn when I took over as plant engineer in 1965.

3) And of course the horse and buggy and 1933 automobiles had long since disappeared.

Around 1967 the big friendly was demolished and the new denim mills were constructed. About the same time the windows were removed from the grey mill and air conditioning was installed. The finishing plant experienced a major expansion during the same period.