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"Saturday in the City " is a sequel to "Saturday on the Farm"; many of the same characters but with a different setting.

The ghostly characters are not intended to be spirits. I just haven't finished the painting. This and a few sketches are my total work output for the first half of 2010.

Site Format

If you are a previous visitor to this site you will find very little that is new with this edition. The difference is in the way it is presented. The old frames are gone. Navigation through the site is accomplished with the new navigation bar to the left. This navigation bar doesn't clean up the jumble of file names but it will enable better management in the furture.

I have deleted out a lot of the text, the results of which are to focus more attention on the paintings and less on what is said about them

I hope you like it.

Yellow Road

32x24 oil on canvas

Windy day on 14th & Juniper

Sky Fire

18x22 Oil on wood

A liturgical dance

Trailer Talk

28x26 Oil on wood

Bubba invites Billy Bob to spin around on "that".


Julie reading to Jeanna

22x22 oil on wood

The Herd

30 x 28 oil on wood

Painted from a photograph by Luci Jennings